Sending money home with us is quick and easy, as well as cost-effective. Our one-off fee is all you will pay. No additional charges in the Philippines.

1. It is my first time to send remittance, what shall I do?

For Walk in Client MA Transworld staff will help you with your first transaction. Fill up the Registration Form and complete all the information such as your name, address and telephone number, as well as your beneficiarys name, address Mobile number and/or Account number. Bring a copy of your Passport or German Personalausweis.

Bank Transfer Download the Registration Form and Post Ident under New Clients. After filling-up completely the Registration Form, please bring it together with the Post ident and Reisepass/Personalausweis to Deutsche Post for Identification. The Deutsche Post will make the identification and they will send the documents to us. As soon as we received the documents, you will be informed of your Kundennummer, our Bank Account and your Verwendungszweck.

Online Transfer under Log in Area, click sign up for new clients. Fill up the Registration form. Download the Post Ident form and bring it to Deutsche Post for Identification. As soon as we received the form, we will send your username and password per Email.

2. How do I transfer money to the Philippines?

You can pay directly in cash/bar to one of our offices.

For Bank transfer deposit your funds into MA Transworld GmbHs Trust account. Deposits can be made via cash or internet transfer. Please include the transaction fee in this amount; else we will deduct it from the amount deposited. As soon as your fund is already in our Trust Account, it will be transferred at the exchange rate on that day. To avoid delay of processing, Pease follow below sample of berweisungsschein:

3. How much is the cost of funds transfer?

The charges depend upon your preferred method of remittance and could vary.

Service charge for Walk in and Bank Transfer Clients:

Service charge for Online Transfer

Credit to the Bank, Cash pick up or Door to Door delivery

Amount in EUR Charge in EUR
10 – 50.00 4.00
51 – 100 6.00
101 – 150 7.00
151 – 200 8.00
201 – 300 9.00
301 – 500 10.00
501 – 700 11.00
701 – 800 12.00
801 – 1000 13.00
1001 – 1500 14.00
1501 – 2000 16.00
2001 – 2500 18.00

4. How much is the limit of sending money to the Philippines?

For Walk in Clients Transaction amount starting 1,000.00 EUR clients needs to fill up the Declaration Form (no further documents needed). Transaction amount starting from 2,500.00 EUR, if possible client must send this amount directly to our Trust Account and must fill up Declaration Form and submit copy of source of funds.

Bank Transfer clients Transaction amount starting from 2,500.00 EUR/Month or 15,000.00 EUR/year needs to fill up Declaration Form with copy of the following source of funds:

  • – Lohn-/Gehaltsabrechnung
  • – Kreditvertrag
  • – Tagesgeldkonto
  • – Sparbuch
  • – Hausverkauf
  • – Lebensversicherung
  • – Erbe

Online Clients Transaction amount starting from 2,500.00 EUR must send this amount directly to our Trust Account and must fill up Declaration Form and must submit copy of the source of funds.

5. Who will receive the money?

The beneficiary is the only person authorized to receive the remittance. It is advisable to add other names aside from the recipient in case he/she is not available.

6. What if money is not delivered/credited to Account or picked up?

If remittance is not delivered, credited to beneficiary account or unclaimed, we will send a notice of non-delivery to the sender. The notice indicates the reason why the remittance is not yet delivered/credited or picked up.

Common reasons of Pending transactions:

Bank Pick up Door to door
Invalid account number Name Differs from ID Insufficient ID
Name differs/name mismatched Insufficient ID Name differs from the ID
Closed account Wrong spelling of Name Address not complete
invalid Currency (Dollar Account) Unclaimed Remittance Cannot locate Address
Consignee/Beneficiary not around
Natural Calamities

Cannot locate Address Consignee/Beneficiary not around Natural Calamities

7. When my remittance is not credited/Picked up or delivered to my beneficiary, what shall I do?

Client must call MA Transworld GmbH regarding the delay of your transaction. One of the staff will verify the status. If the reason is on the above list, ask your beneficiary the correct account number, name or address. MA Transworld GmbH staff will make an amendment (Special Instructions/Changes). Please take note that amendment takes 1 to 3 banking days.

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